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Newsletter April 2007


WHEN: Saturday, April 21, 2007

WHERE: Casa del Herrero

**NOTE** Due to BINDING LIMITS set by CONDITIONAL USE RESTRICTIONS...ONLY 22 CRFG Chapter (2007 paid-up) members are permitted to attend the Saturday, April 21 tour of Casa del Herrero in Montecito.

Below is a list of paid-up Chapter members that made reservations. They are the ONLY people who be allowed to attend the April event.

1. Mike Bartsch
2. Sheila Bartsch
3. Norman Beard
4. Bob Fisher
5. Betty Gaw
6. Sin Hock Gaw
7. Elaine Grinnell
8. Elaine Jacobson
9. Larry Jacobson
10. Allen King
11. Cynthia King

12. Danny Laub
13. Jon Lipsitz
14. Erin Marshall
15. Shannon Marshall
16. Sheila Marshall
17. Barry Rossington
18. Jerry Sortomme
19. Bernie Storch
20. Miyako Storch
21. Katherine Warner
22. (still available)

Approved attendees above MUST email Jerry Sortomme <jerrysortomme@hotmail.com>, or call 805/644-2777 for time, address, directions and parking information. Contact Jerry if you want to be on a waiting list, should an opening occur.

Anyone who needs to bow out of this April 27 event contact Jerry so the slot can be filled by a paid member on a waiting list.

NOTE** two individuals signed-up for the April meeting at the February meeting in Ojai (Pete Dibble and Laura Creasey) who are not currently on the 2007 membership roster, nor on the old 2006 roster. .Since they could not be contacted, they needed to be dropped from the Casa del Herrero attendance list. If any one knows how to contact either of these people, let Jerry know.


The 2007 membership list, as of March 27, is printed below. If your name does not appear on the list, according to our records you have not paid your dues. Anyone whose name is NOT on the list will be DROPPED from the membership at the end of this month. If you have paid and your name does not appear on this list, contact the Roland (969-4167). If your name is not spelled correctly, contact Laura 687-4553 laurainsb@gmail.com.

You may renew your local membership by sending $10 to the treasurer - Roland Messori, Sierra Vista Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93108. Annual dues for our parent organization is $30. The form for renewing can be found on-line at cfrg.org or on the last page of the CRFG bimonthly FRUIT GARDENER magazine. Membership to both state & local in 2007 is necessary for organization insurance coverage reasons.


Our May 19 meeting to the Faulkner Farm in Santa Paula is open to all members, their family members, guests and interested individuals. Cooperative Extension Agent Ben Faber will be our host. We will be touring the preserved urban farm and viewing the NEW deciduous fruit orchard and other established plantings and exhibits --.a perfect family event.


We started our meeting in front of the old adobe, nestled in the citrus orchard at the beginning of the canyon. Jerry’s wife made delicious cookies shared by all. We met our docent, Al Thompson and the Preserve’s manager, John Warner. They both were very informative and knowledgeable about the preserve’s history, plant and animal life. Jerry added much information along the way. The mission of the preserve is to protect and improve the area. There is much evidence of both as we looked in amazement at the 100 year old lemon tree in the orchard.

We hiked up the canyon to Look Out Point and along the way we passed a pear tree planted in 1820. Both the lemon and the 1820 Padre pear tree were probably originally from Spain. Their provenance is sketchy but thought to arrive in Santa Barbara through the smuggling trade. Arroyo Hondo’s flowery history includes a stage coach stopping between Santa Barbara and Lompoc. Many items were smuggled on the stage coach and traded here to avoid taxes by the Spanish.

We meandered across the river several times, enjoying Native California plants along the way. The chaparral and riparian landscapes collide providing many micro-niche climates where a variety of plants thrive. A few of the plants we encountered were hummingbird sage, milk thistle, elderberry, bush flower and nightshade. The Chumash Indians used many of these plants for medicinal cures. The blooming Ceanothus in shades of blue and white were spectacular. We were in awe when we caught site of the 100 year old Mission (Listan Prieto) grapevine with a 5 inch diameter climbing high to the top of the tree canopy. Although there weren’t any grapes to harvest, the vine was still eking out an existence. Debra Hall, viticulturist and owner of Gypsy Canyon Winery in Lompoc was part of our group. She restored three acres of 100 year old ‘Mission’ grapevines from which she makes an authentic dessert wine which she calls Angelica.

Near the end of our loop hike we saw a beautiful yellow swallowtail butterfly perched on a blooming Clematis. It was a terrific day and a real treasure to have the opportunity to spend the day in the Arroyo Hondo Preserve.

******TREASURER’S REPORT: The current balance is $5,523.29.

For Membership in California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc, send $30 to CRFG, Inc., 66 Farrugut Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112-4050 AND $10 (for local dues) to Roland Messori, 355 Sierra Vista Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93108 (Note: Members of the Parent CRFG organization receive the outstanding "Fruit Gardener" magazine.)

Send Address Changes to BOTH the parent and local organizations (addresses above).


CRFG V/SB Chapter Membership

As of March 27, 2007

Anderson, Jack
Barker, Molly
Bartsch, Michael & Sheila
Beard, Norman
Berman, Robert
Chrostowski, Marshall
Clark, Jane
Clayton, Marilyn
Cleveland, David
Cline, Richard
Elandt, Kenneth,
Fisher, Bob
Gaw, Betty
Green Francis.
Gregory, Nickey
Grinnell, Elaine
Guerrero, Raul,
Homze, Sharon
Keim, Judith,
King, Allen
Kirk, Doug
Kocher, Carl & Marilyn
Laub, Danny
Lipsitz, Jon
Marshall, Elaine
Matthews, WalteMeierhoefer, Heide
Meister, Jules
Messori, Roland
Michel, Kristy
Nanna, Laura
Noell, Vernon
O’Gara, Mike Parks, Jean
Pinkerton, Arlene
Robbins, Gabrielle
Rodrigue, Jacob
Rossington, Bary
Russel, Edgar
Schroeder, Alan, R
Schumacher, Gerhardt
Sortomme, Jerry
Stevens, Michael,
Storch, Bernard
Valdivia, Edgar
Van Dyke, Bruce
Vieth, Bob
Walcher, Mary
Warner, KE


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